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Hello To New Grounds!

2007-09-13 19:07:07 by 8bitrocket

We've been making games for a long time, but we just started to branch out from our own site post content on other sites like So far the experience has been awesome. It helps to have some decent content, and our first indie game that was good enough for submission (Retro Blaster) was ready for the world this week. We spent the better part of a full year making it, but much of that time was on the engine and other tech that can be reused. So far the response has been good. This is just the first of many games we have planned (and in dev), and our work will improve (hopefully) with each release. We hope you enjoy our games as much as we enjoy making them.

Hello To New Grounds!


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2008-05-23 21:40:07

i see you like arcade games me to and newgrounds there is no space between and cheak out my page (since you like arcade games)


2009-04-12 13:11:01

hey uh when is script kitty ep 2 coming out